Tips Choosing a veil Anti humid

The crown of hair for everyone. Believe that the sentence is not excessive to describe the importance of living in someone's hair. You would not want to be recognized that the hair can make a small miracle that makes you look more beautiful or as people who were stranded on an island left the room without a bath.

Hair that are not only seen as good model or color that makes you appear beautiful, but also health. For you who wear Muslim (Muslim fashion) with hooded or hobby once wearing a hat, and the climate is hot and the air lembap can damage the beauty of hair that is not so healthy. No need to worry even if you use the Muslim clothes, because fashion is not Muslim obstruction. To menyiasatinya why not too difficult, you only need a little more attention to your crown tersayang.

* For the veil you, it's easy to select which absorb sweat, such as cotton or a T-shirt. This material has a large pore-pore that allows air circulation and sweat does not evaporate out in captive. Does not mean cheap jilbab / veil have cheap low-quality.

* If you want to appear with the slick creations veil of bank model, limit lapisannya only until the fourth strand. Veil that is too thick will make the scalp and hair lembap heat. It also should not use too often stack this veil, frekwensinya limit. To add information about your collection jilbab go to the store or sell jilbab / sell veil.

You have long hair? I should keep with the long hair you do not lay 60cm to avoid menggulungnya You must be in the form of a small bun in the veil. In addition, do not bind the hair too tight, too.

* If you do not want to scalp you strive and struggle against hot lembap, avoid dark colors to veil or hijab. Dark colors absorb the sun easily. Choose white or light colors when you often melakuka outdoor activities.

* Once again, the veil appear slick style that can-can. Although only veil cheap or cheaper jilbab. Not important at the store you buy / sell the veil or selling what jilbab. But every day when you memengikat veil in the neck, the air circulation to the hair will be hampered. Release veil so that the edge and dangle hair can breathe.

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