As a sanction Jabar "Trendsetter" Islamic Clothing

Determination of the Islamic Clothing designers joined the Association in the Islamic Designer Clothing (IPBM) West Java is also a strong desire Netty Heryawan Prasetyani, wife of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. Their desire to make Islamic Clothing can be worn by all the layers of age, beautiful views, but still meet Syariat religion. Another obsession is also the designer and the wife of the governor of this, West Java to become trendsetter Islamic Clothing in Indonesia or overseas.

"Together IPBM, we want to raise the degree is not so Islamic Clothing Islamic Clothing impression that the only reasonable worn by mothers, was not visible plebeian. Islamic Clothing that can be imposed on each layer Muslimah any age, also be appropriate by pregnant women, "Netty said in a speech without a text when opening presentation in the framework of Islamic Clothing Milad-12 IPBM to the West, the hotel horizon, Wednesday (10 / 9).

Netty hope the designers can conduct for those who start businesses in the area of Islamic Clothing.

Chairman to Milad-12 IPBM Jabar, Yanna Diah Kusumawati, reveal how large the potential to strengthen West Java West Java as trendsetter Islamic Clothing.

"To develop Islamic Clothing, Jakarta potential. We have a lot of human resources, universities design, nature, and crafts. We also have a textile factory, a silk producer, is also rich in handicrafts," says Yanna, diamin

by Herman Nuary designers.

Now how the designers live and other related parties including the government work together to promote Islamic Clothing of West Java.

"During this time, we are often invited to various countries to perform our work," said Iva Lativah, Chairman IPBM Jabar is also one of the founders IPBM West Java.

The designers who work in the presentation themed "Pesona Equator" is Yanna Diah Kusumawati, Ani Medina, Betty Achyar, Iva Lativah, Ernie Kosasih, Fenny Sofia, Toera Imara, Tuti Kautsar, Herman Nuary, Nuniek Mawardi, Meeta Fauzan, Ning Zulkanaen, Hennie Noeraeni, Joko Aditya, Melly Mulyasari. Appear as guest stars, a senior designer Ramli.

The designers of the paper show that the thick Indonesian cultural elements. Nevertheless, Nuniek Mawardi combine some culture in the design, such as Chinese and Javanese culture. Meanwhile, Iva create something new outside kebiasaannya commonly use thin clothes. He added suede leather material bersablon Indonesian traditional motifs are combined with a cloth sail sifon such as silk. Yanna Diah is inspired by the women of the age of first use of cloth like jumputan time berkebaya. Ernie Kosasih reveal the beauty of the sea and its nuances in Islamic Clothing chocolate, orange, and green.

Tips Choosing a veil Anti humid

The crown of hair for everyone. Believe that the sentence is not excessive to describe the importance of living in someone's hair. You would not want to be recognized that the hair can make a small miracle that makes you look more beautiful or as people who were stranded on an island left the room without a bath.

Hair that are not only seen as good model or color that makes you appear beautiful, but also health. For you who wear Muslim (Muslim fashion) with hooded or hobby once wearing a hat, and the climate is hot and the air lembap can damage the beauty of hair that is not so healthy. No need to worry even if you use the Muslim clothes, because fashion is not Muslim obstruction. To menyiasatinya why not too difficult, you only need a little more attention to your crown tersayang.

* For the veil you, it's easy to select which absorb sweat, such as cotton or a T-shirt. This material has a large pore-pore that allows air circulation and sweat does not evaporate out in captive. Does not mean cheap jilbab / veil have cheap low-quality.

* If you want to appear with the slick creations veil of bank model, limit lapisannya only until the fourth strand. Veil that is too thick will make the scalp and hair lembap heat. It also should not use too often stack this veil, frekwensinya limit. To add information about your collection jilbab go to the store or sell jilbab / sell veil.

You have long hair? I should keep with the long hair you do not lay 60cm to avoid menggulungnya You must be in the form of a small bun in the veil. In addition, do not bind the hair too tight, too.

* If you do not want to scalp you strive and struggle against hot lembap, avoid dark colors to veil or hijab. Dark colors absorb the sun easily. Choose white or light colors when you often melakuka outdoor activities.

* Once again, the veil appear slick style that can-can. Although only veil cheap or cheaper jilbab. Not important at the store you buy / sell the veil or selling what jilbab. But every day when you memengikat veil in the neck, the air circulation to the hair will be hampered. Release veil so that the edge and dangle hair can breathe.

Muslimah at Europe

Despite the challenge of living in countries that follow sekularisme, where the jilbab is still in the Disallow in a school belonging to the government, the European Muslim is able to provide the impact on Muslim clothing.
"H & M and all the shops in France to take our clothes," said Mahika, Muslimah aged 24 years living in Paris. Or H & M Hennes & Mauritz clothing company is famous from Sweden.
Meanwhile Ouslhgozi Jkrom clothing store owner, said in clothes that are popular at this time is payet clothing with decorations and beads. "The color is a great demand of orange," said Jkrom collection while the clothing and jilbab with bright colors in the store.
Style berbusana generation of young Muslim berjilbab both in Europe and bercadar has influenced clothing industry in the continent. Style fashion trends that are at this time is the mix between jeans trousers with a long shirt, a sweater dressing.
"At this time, not only Muslim who buy our jeans, jeans," said Susanna Cavali, head of product development of jeans bermerk Al-Quds is based in Italy.
Jeans brand Al-Quds with baggy with many pockets, deliberately designed in such a way to stay comfortable to wear during prayer. Now, Al-Quds jeans, Cavalli said, many also be fancied by the non-Muslim.
"Firstly, the Al-Quds Jeans are a Muslim fashion product. This means that the taste of our consumers choices, have increased," he said.
The Muslimah, particularly among immigrants from Europe that is not in difficulty in choosing Muslim Wear that are suitable and in accordance with the teachings of their religion.
"I see that very easily berbusana here, all the clothes in the city," said Bushra Sayed who lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
With wear jilbab brown, old, jeans skirt and long shirt, Bushra believes that religion and style berbusana, can walk beriringan.
"I am a Muslim, but I also the person who is very interested in the fashion world. And I want to combining all of this. The problem is the combination, everything will be easy if you see how berbusana our way to berbusana in general," said Bushra.
Bushra still claim to follow the development of clothing, without having to violate the rules berbusana as taught in Islam.
"For me, it is important to cover my body, except the hand, foot and face. With the principle that, I still can wear whatever I want to deceive, as long as not too tight and short," accuse him.
"My mother, friends and relatives are very enthusiastic and I do not need to be bothered me a matter of style," sambungnya.
Bushra was one of five women who publish MSLM, a fashion magazine for children of young Muslim. Magazine published a new month iApril ni, offers a variety of tips in how to wear Muslim Fashion distributed in the Dutch, French and Inggris.Selain magazines, they also hold the clothing in Rotterdam, with the show-fashion clothing designed by the Dutch designer, of course, with attention to ethics berbusana as taught in Islam

Ramadhan Muslim Festival

Towards the Ramadan, the Muslim fashion designer preparing the work of a number of them. This event was also attended by the designer is not designing clothing Muslims. Options are more diverse, from the simple to the glamorous.

Glamorous Islamic
It is time the two Jakarta to host the prestigious event title IFF (Islamic Fashion Festival) of the three capital cities, namely Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Dubai.

Since the beginning of Islamic Fashion Festival is for the selection of Islamic clothing nuances of style and easy to apply to the community in general, compliance with rules in the blend simplicity berbusana Muslim nation. And one aim is to set Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Dubai as the fashion center of Islamic as well as London - Paris and New York as a world fashion center.

The event, which presents the powerful and talented designers from the two countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia, among others, Itang Yunasz, Sebastian Gunawan, Biyan, Moses Widiatmodjo, Ade Sagi, Barli and Asmara, and Dato 'Tom Abang Saufi, Datin Syarifah Kirana, and Albert King.

Situated in the Dharmawangsa Hotel, IFF present for 2 days, Tuesday and Wednesday (22/23). Variations in style and creativity for a cohesive IFF progress, the fashion show full of ideas. Biyan has the theme "The Sacred Opulance" tunik comes with blue and gray combined with detailed payet crystals that make the overall look elegant.

Serut balloon trousers and stylish look at the many Aladin Biyan collection. Meanwhile, Dato 'Tom Abang Saufi, set the theme of "Amber", who play a lot of details ruffle, payet and embroidery, the clothes gamisnya.

Itang Yunaz bring the difference in the title this time Muslim clothing, with the theme "Spiritual Journey" he mukena show a very beautiful white dominated the elegance of the silk and sifon, berdetil flowers that will make more khusuk of worship and peace.

Beda with the origin of Malaysia, Albert King, who appear very glamorous with the theme of "Al Mutheerah". Clothing that is displayed based sifon, organza, dominated with the colors of black, red and gold. Payet flowers, flags, knitting and flower prints, the designer is also a mainstay of this.

At the end of the session, Sebastian Gunawan attend the "Peace Of Paisley" which many Muslims fashion model modifications and poncho empire gown with detailed payet and Kristal. Color is also displayed a variety of silver, gray, black and gold.

This event is also dihadari by Raja Perak Raja Nor Mahani Raja Shahar Shah Binti from Malaysia and dimeriahkan by Reza's Artamevia.