As a sanction Jabar "Trendsetter" Islamic Clothing

Determination of the Islamic Clothing designers joined the Association in the Islamic Designer Clothing (IPBM) West Java is also a strong desire Netty Heryawan Prasetyani, wife of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. Their desire to make Islamic Clothing can be worn by all the layers of age, beautiful views, but still meet Syariat religion. Another obsession is also the designer and the wife of the governor of this, West Java to become trendsetter Islamic Clothing in Indonesia or overseas.

"Together IPBM, we want to raise the degree is not so Islamic Clothing Islamic Clothing impression that the only reasonable worn by mothers, was not visible plebeian. Islamic Clothing that can be imposed on each layer Muslimah any age, also be appropriate by pregnant women, "Netty said in a speech without a text when opening presentation in the framework of Islamic Clothing Milad-12 IPBM to the West, the hotel horizon, Wednesday (10 / 9).

Netty hope the designers can conduct for those who start businesses in the area of Islamic Clothing.

Chairman to Milad-12 IPBM Jabar, Yanna Diah Kusumawati, reveal how large the potential to strengthen West Java West Java as trendsetter Islamic Clothing.

"To develop Islamic Clothing, Jakarta potential. We have a lot of human resources, universities design, nature, and crafts. We also have a textile factory, a silk producer, is also rich in handicrafts," says Yanna, diamin

by Herman Nuary designers.

Now how the designers live and other related parties including the government work together to promote Islamic Clothing of West Java.

"During this time, we are often invited to various countries to perform our work," said Iva Lativah, Chairman IPBM Jabar is also one of the founders IPBM West Java.

The designers who work in the presentation themed "Pesona Equator" is Yanna Diah Kusumawati, Ani Medina, Betty Achyar, Iva Lativah, Ernie Kosasih, Fenny Sofia, Toera Imara, Tuti Kautsar, Herman Nuary, Nuniek Mawardi, Meeta Fauzan, Ning Zulkanaen, Hennie Noeraeni, Joko Aditya, Melly Mulyasari. Appear as guest stars, a senior designer Ramli.

The designers of the paper show that the thick Indonesian cultural elements. Nevertheless, Nuniek Mawardi combine some culture in the design, such as Chinese and Javanese culture. Meanwhile, Iva create something new outside kebiasaannya commonly use thin clothes. He added suede leather material bersablon Indonesian traditional motifs are combined with a cloth sail sifon such as silk. Yanna Diah is inspired by the women of the age of first use of cloth like jumputan time berkebaya. Ernie Kosasih reveal the beauty of the sea and its nuances in Islamic Clothing chocolate, orange, and green.

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