Ramadhan Muslim Festival

Towards the Ramadan, the Muslim fashion designer preparing the work of a number of them. This event was also attended by the designer is not designing clothing Muslims. Options are more diverse, from the simple to the glamorous.

Glamorous Islamic
It is time the two Jakarta to host the prestigious event title IFF (Islamic Fashion Festival) of the three capital cities, namely Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Dubai.

Since the beginning of Islamic Fashion Festival is for the selection of Islamic clothing nuances of style and easy to apply to the community in general, compliance with rules in the blend simplicity berbusana Muslim nation. And one aim is to set Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Dubai as the fashion center of Islamic as well as London - Paris and New York as a world fashion center.

The event, which presents the powerful and talented designers from the two countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia, among others, Itang Yunasz, Sebastian Gunawan, Biyan, Moses Widiatmodjo, Ade Sagi, Barli and Asmara, and Dato 'Tom Abang Saufi, Datin Syarifah Kirana, and Albert King.

Situated in the Dharmawangsa Hotel, IFF present for 2 days, Tuesday and Wednesday (22/23). Variations in style and creativity for a cohesive IFF progress, the fashion show full of ideas. Biyan has the theme "The Sacred Opulance" tunik comes with blue and gray combined with detailed payet crystals that make the overall look elegant.

Serut balloon trousers and stylish look at the many Aladin Biyan collection. Meanwhile, Dato 'Tom Abang Saufi, set the theme of "Amber", who play a lot of details ruffle, payet and embroidery, the clothes gamisnya.

Itang Yunaz bring the difference in the title this time Muslim clothing, with the theme "Spiritual Journey" he mukena show a very beautiful white dominated the elegance of the silk and sifon, berdetil flowers that will make more khusuk of worship and peace.

Beda with the origin of Malaysia, Albert King, who appear very glamorous with the theme of "Al Mutheerah". Clothing that is displayed based sifon, organza, dominated with the colors of black, red and gold. Payet flowers, flags, knitting and flower prints, the designer is also a mainstay of this.

At the end of the session, Sebastian Gunawan attend the "Peace Of Paisley" which many Muslims fashion model modifications and poncho empire gown with detailed payet and Kristal. Color is also displayed a variety of silver, gray, black and gold.

This event is also dihadari by Raja Perak Raja Nor Mahani Raja Shahar Shah Binti from Malaysia and dimeriahkan by Reza's Artamevia.

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